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We are right off the 3rd st Promenade in Santa Monica.

312 Arizona Ave
Santa Monica Ca

E: hello@100x100launchpad.com

Amanda Bar


Amanda is a Entrepreneur, Investor and Children's Book Author who has dedicated the recent decade to making a difference for small business owners. Amanda’s skills in operations, marketing, coaching and education has made her an asset to clients & the startup community. Her passion to be a hub for startups fueled the launch of RTB Capital Group, which works with startups to bring clarity, strategy and solutions to the Wild Wild West of launching a business and spurring the launch 100x100 Launchpad, which makes dreams a reality through App & Software development and our added layer of validation, lean and clean design & process with 100 days of development & 100 days of marketing to start a business from Idea through Launch.

Adam Bar


Adam is a serial Entrepreneur, Investor and Author. Adam is Co-Founder of 100x100 Launchpad and focused on the Investor Relationship arm of the Organization. He is also Founder/CEO of RTB (Raise The Bar) Financial Group, Co-Founder of RTB Capital Group and Founder of Virtue Modern Benefits. Adam is the Author of Unleash Your Financial PowerHouse, which Is focused on giving people power over money and transform the relationship with Money. Adam also won the title of Mr. Israel and Mr. Iron Gladiator California.

Adam Webber


Adam is a Startup Specialist with a focus on developing lean strategies for launching new business. Adam focuses on mobile technologies that aim to solve problems in specific market spaces. He helped launch over 10 startups with the latest adventure being www.callcast.co and he has helped develop dozens of other platforms over the past 15 years. Adam has lead cross-channel teams in design, development, and sales. When launching a startup it is essential to validate the business from all sides of the business. Adam has joined 100x100 to bring his startup knowledge and experience and apply his ideation, design, development, customer acquisition process to founding entrepreneurs who are ready to bring their ideas to life.

See a list of products that Adam has helped launch below.