A new take on Podcast Recording

CallCast reinvents how traditional podcasts are made. With the idea that there is a large segment of people who would love to have a podcast but can’t find the time to invest in equipment setup, knowledge, and all the other factors that come into play when recording and publishing a podcast.

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Ideation & early market analysis


It is difficult for beginners to figure out how to start a podcast. We identified the incoming challenge podcasters having in the first categories.
B.Hosting guests

addressing these problem areas, is the main focus of the CallCast App.

Solution + Design


CallCast’ssweet spot aims to serve people who want to start a podcast but are not ready to commit to the substantial time and equipment investment that many “pro” podcasters use. CallCast can serve the customer who wants an easy to use app where they can quickly get guests on their show and record. The user can then edit and publish their podcast(s) directly to iTunes without the fuss or extra steps.



CallCast consists of many parts that come together to create a simple, easy to use, one-stop solution for podcasters. The technologies used are:

  • Swift for iOS
  • Google Firebase
  • Google Transcription
  • Twilio
  • MailChimp API
  • HTML / CSS

Podcast recording with phone calls

The easiest way to have a guest on your podcast… just call them. CallCast generates a phone number that you can use with your guests to call and record your conversation. Don’t waste your time or your guests time trying to get them setup with some online recording software > just use the phone in your pocket.

Publishing made easy

The CallCast app was designed specifically to guide you through the entire process of the podcasters experience with the end result in a simple way to publish your podcasts on the iTunes store.