An easy & safe way to buy & sell cars

CarSnap makes the process of buying and selling a car easy and convenient. The App gives the seller the ability to quickly list their car with just a few clicks car sellers can now upload a car for sale in seconds. 

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  • Push Notifications for specific cars of interest- save time over searching many listings.
  • In-App chat messaging, no exchange of phone number or email necessary until ready.
  •  Connection to social Channels to discover if the owner is connected to the seller by Geo-Location.
  • Features/Location-Based features narrow search to a specific radius.
  • Pre-Purchase Inspections to ensure good vehicle quality.
  • In-App Used Car Financing.
  • Pre-auction inventory for great deals.


  • Easy to list a car for sale with a few clicks without guessing for price
  • Car Pricing Calculator automatically suggests a range for a used car.
  • In-App Communication is safe and secure.
  • Make an offer feature directly in the app allows the easiest way for Sellers to accept offers.
  • Full Documentation of cars for sale provides a great tool for price justification.
  • Carsnaputilizes car financing and provides a pool of qualified buyers.

Ideation & early market analysis


Technology has yet to catch up with demand in the used car P2P car buying and selling segment. CarSnap has an opportunity to provide a secure and safe way to purchase a used car, give access to great deals on pre-auction inventory, provide financing, and offer pre-purchase inspections to ensure buyer peace of mind.

Solution + Design


CarSnap was designed to be simple, versatile, and a fast way to buy and sell cars. The app was designed to be social and local. The design of the app was to provide a safe and simple way to connect buyers and sellers. They can message in the app, so they do not need to give away their phone number and buyers can get alerts when the car that they are looking for is listed.



CarSnap consists of many parts that come together to create a simple, easy to use, one-stop solution for used car buying and selling. The technologies used are:

  • Objective C
  • AWS
  • Edmunds API
  • In-App Messaging
  • Facebook API


CarSnap makes it easy to see cars for sale near you. You can also see who is selling a vehicle, and if you have friends or friends of friends in common because CarSnap connects through Facebook. Get all the essential info in a quick snapshot.


Add filters and find the car that you are looking to buy. Save your searches and get notified when vehicles that match your search criteria are listed.


Whether you are buying or selling your car, Carsnap gives you helpful tips to guide you through the process. Get help from our concierge CarSnap Assistant.


CarSnap users can send private messages to each other in the app, so they do not need to give their phone number or contact information to strangers when buying and selling a car.