Live streaming from sporting events

In 2013 we built SeatCaster for live sports streaming fans. SeatCaster was on the cusp of a new generation of live video apps.

This app was an extremely advanced app that used geofencing around every sports stadium in the United States to determine if the user was inside or outside of the stadium during a specific event. If the user were inside the stadium, the SeatCaster app would give permissions to the user to Live Stream the game. Anyone following the game could get notifications that the game was being live-streamed.

Ideation & early market analysis

01. Problem

There wasn’t a way to share live video from sporting events with friends, family, and fans. SeatCaster was also developed to collect all your video and sporting memories and fill a social void for the true fan.

Solution + Design

02. Design

SeatCaster was built with an easy to use design for those at a game or home watching the live-streams. We had to take into account the GPS location of the users to make sure that the live streams were indeed from the sporting stadium.


03. Develop

SeatCaster platform is native iOS and 3rd party data:

  • Swift for iOS
  • AWS EC2
  • Google API
  • Wowza Live Streaming Servers
  • HTML / CSS

Geo-Fenced Live Streaming

The SeatCaster App uses geo-fencing around every stadium in the USA to know if the user is inside the stadium durning the event. The geo-fence would “open & close” depending on game times only showing a unique UI when the game was live and thus allowing the person in attendance to share a live stream! When the app see’s that you are at the game it would open a button on the screen that says STREAM NOW and the app would know what game and stadium you were at.


The SeatCaster app has a live chat interface that lets people connect and chat while the event video is being live-streamed.

App Settings

Adjust the SeatCaster app settings to notify you when your favorite team is being live streamed. Keep a record of all the live streams that you have shared.


Collect the memories of the games through streaming and your ticket stubs. Remember the games, the views, and the conversations people had while sharing the experience of your live streams.