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It’s easy to create a vault, set the vault type, add content to it, and invite friends.Create vaults for all kinds of situations, share with friends, and leave comments for them in the vaults.

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Ideation & early market analysis

01. Problem

The entrepreneur behind “Vault This” had a personal experience with a friend where he wanted to create a virtual vault to lock away ideas, photos, videos, and documents that are unlocked in three ways: Time, Button Press, and Location Triggers. The main problem was that there wasn’t a way to store digital content where you could unlock the content for other people at specific times or locations.

Solution + Design

02. Design

We went through a few iterations of the design. The entrepreneur wanted to have a vault feeling and be able to share vaults with groups of friends and family. We designed out different screens and permissions levels that would allow people to access Vaults and set rules that would unlock Vaults when certain conditions are met. We also added a social layer where users could leave comments and get notified when other people left comments on the content within Vaults.


03. Develop

We deployed a number of services to create the Vault App:

  • Swift for iOS
  • Google Firebase
  • Mailchimp API
  • HTML and CSS

Experimented with multiple options for creating vaults

This video documents some early concepts that we made for Vault This.

Create Vault Access Permissions

Decide who can access and add content to a vault. We created layers of user permissions.

Vault This Overview